Saturday, 30 January 2016

Manage Your Business Easily with QuickBooks Accounting Software

Payroll is one of the significant aspects of business in today’s competitive world that everyone wants to utilize this amazing software to upgrade or grow their business to the next level. If you choose to roll out an improvement, you have sufficient energy to be up and running with your new Payroll framework by the first of the year. If you are unable to handle your finances yourself, then outsourcing your work may be the best way to save your precious time and money. What should you do to manage your company payroll:

1. Outsource your payroll completely

Intuit Full Service Payroll. You essentially enter the hours for every worker online and Intuit takes it from that point. You can without much of a stretch import into the Online QuickBooks or the PC adaptations. If you require work costing, however, this will have the same impediments as outsourcing to other Payroll organizations. Yet, in the event that you don’t require work costing, I would investigate this choice. It’s basic, advantageous and sensibly evaluated. Evaluating is a level month to month expense – not dependent upon the quantity of payroll interval you have every month! To contrast with outsourcing to other Payroll organizations, here’s an article that talks about variables that frequently influence Payroll charges. QuickBooks Enterprise Support is considered to be the best way to get your query resolved easily and instantly. You just need to call QuickBooks support to fix any kind if issue related to QuickBooks.

2. Outsource the tax filings
QuickBooks Assisted Payroll. You make the paychecks and Intuit assumes liability for recording Payroll assesses and reporting, ensures exactness or Intuit pays punishments. If you require job costing, this is my favored decision. You get the subtle element your requirement for occupation costing, yet you let an accomplished organization handle the expense filings. My customers who have Assisted, love it. One of my customers was sad she didn’t join sooner since she missed some assessment installments bringing about punishments and interest.
QuickBooks Basic Payroll. You make the paychecks, however, should physically round out the structures and mail the stores. I don’t suggest this choice unless you have a bookkeeper or expert accountant doing the petitioning for you.
Intuit Online Payroll – You make the paychecks, however, should physically round out the structures and mail the stores. I don’t suggest this choice unless you have a bookkeeper or expert accountant doing the petitioning for you. If you require work costing, this is not a decent alternative for you, but rather in the event that you don’t, then numerous like the adaptability and access.
3. Completely In-house
QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll. You do it all – make the paychecks and handle all the expense filings; you can even e-record specifically from inside QuickBooks. I have numerous customers who utilize this. You require the PC variant of QuickBooks. In case you get stuck with QuickBooks accounting software or you have any query related to that, then you can simply call on Quickbooks Customer Care Phone Number to get your issues or queries resolved.

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Monday, 21 December 2015

QuickBooks Latest Update: October 2015

Inventory tracking

“New item” drawer. Clicking New now displays a drawer that lets you create a new product or service, classify it, upload a photo, and enter details. Gear > Lists > Products and Services > New.

Three item types. Previously, QuickBooks Online supported two product and service types — items and services. There are now three types: Inventory item1: an item you buy and/or sell that you track quantity on hand for. Non-inventory item: an item you buy but don’t track quantity on hand for, like the nuts and bolts used in installation. Service: a service you provide to customers, like landscaping or tax preparation. Re-classify multiple items at once. If you need to change the item type on many items, you can now batch edit them (between service items and non-inventory items only). Gear > Lists > Products and Services > select multiple items > Change type.

To change the type of a single non-inventory or service item, double-click it in the Products and Services list and click Change type at the top of the drawer.

Here’s a summary of the item type changes we support: QuickBooks inventory matrix

Bank feeds Mark a bank transaction as a billable expense and assign it to a customer2. Many of you asked for this and we heard you! Left nav > Transactions > Banking. Click a transaction to add, and then mark it Billable and select a customer.

Add an attachment3 to a bank transaction. Another improvement based on your feedback — you can now add an attachment (like a receipt or photo) when you add a bank transaction. Left nav > Transactions > Banking. Click a transaction to add, and then click Add Attachment. Connect foreign bank accounts. You can now connect foreign bank accounts to QuickBooks Online. Note that you must turn on multicurrency4 if the foreign account is in a different currency. From the home page, click Connect account in the upper right corner and turn on Search global banks.

Registers5 Quicker access to registers. Now you can access registers right from the home page, just click Registers.

New keyboard shortcuts. Press Ctrl+Alt+N to add a new transaction row to any register, and Alt+S to save the register. Pagination links (First, Prev, Next, and Last) appear at the top of the register, as well as at the bottom. Correct running balance in reconciled status. When you sort the register by reconciled status, running balances appear as expected. Search for text in memos. From a register, click the Filter icon and enter memo text in the Find box. Other changes 1099-MISC forms available for tax year 20156. You don’t need to send these forms until January, but you can now start working on them! Left navbar > Vendors > Prepare 1099s > Tax Year > 2015.

Multicurrency now available in the QuickBooks Online test drive. Not sure if multicurrency tracking is right for your business?


1. Inventory tracking is available in QuickBooks Online Plus only and requires this setting turned on: Gear > Company Settings > Sales > Products and services > Track quantity on hand.

2. Billable expense tracking is available in QuickBooks Online Plus only and requires the following settings turned on: Gear > Company Settings > Expenses > Track expenses and items by customer and Make expenses and items billable. Note that on the Banking page, only one billable customer can be assigned to a transaction; you can go back to the transaction after you add it to split it and add multiple billable customers.

3. Only one attachment can be uploaded from your computer. This feature currently supports attachments when you add a transaction, not when you match a transaction.

4. To turn on multicurrency: Gear > Company Settings > Advanced > Currency > Multicurrency. You can’t turn off multicurrency once you turn it on.

5. Learn how to use the new registers.

6. Preparing and printing 1099s is available in QuickBooks Online Plus only.

7. To try these updates using sample data, check out the QuickBooks Online test drive.

8. Missed any recent QuickBooks Online updates?

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Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Things You Need to Know About QuickBooks Payroll

Payroll services have become a mandatory requirement in today’s business scenario. Every organization needs to maintain payroll on a regular basis. No matter what is the size of the organization or what is the number of employees in your organization. You got to have all the records or details of your employee’s salary, in order to track their every month transaction. If an organization is unable to do so, then it becomes quite difficult to track every month salary while creating balance sheet. QuickBooks payroll is the best way to manage your finances in a proper manner. This is the best software for small as well as medium size firms to keep track things in order. One can’t ignore the significance of QuickBooks payroll in today’s business world.

Being a company owner, you need to perform numerous functions or activities to run the company successfully. You also need to make sure that all taxes are paid on time in order to avoid penalty. It’s not mandatory that you got to learn QuickBooks payroll services to run your business, but regardless of that you may simply hire a payroll processing company to do it for you on a regular basis. These companies provide countless beneficial services at a reasonable cost. The best part is that, they keep all of your forms in order and keep reports about all information relevant to paychecks. The company will have someone who deposits the taxes that come from payroll. QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number allows you to make queries remotely related to your QuickBooks Payroll issues.

To keep things in order you need to let the company know such as people who have retired or new people that have been hired, people who have quit and whether or not wages have hiked due to raises.

Hiring a QuuickBooks payroll service is a simple way to make sure that everything gets done in a proper manner on time. On the other hand, if your company possesses a lot of employees and they are paid on different days or different weeks, then hiring a professional company can be a great idea. A reliable and professional company manages everything in a highly efficient manner. No organizations across the world wants to be penalized. So they just want to hand over the task to the third party.

Moreover, if you face any kind of issues related to QuickBooks, then Quickbooks Pos Support Number can help you fix the issue at the same time. This is a QuickBooks payroll, customer support number that enables you to get connected to the remote technician easily and instantly.

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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Know Everything about QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting brings the superiority of “cloud computing” down to earth, offering clients a protected and simple, data access to their QuickBooks data wherever and whenever there is a need. There are numerous advantages of using QuickBooks Hosting but the key advantage is that it needs no maintenance, no IT capital investment, no new equipment, no installation, no training, or even a long-term commitment. Other than this, it possesses setup support and automatic upgrades! And if user’s changes their mind later, then the hosting software and data can go right back to the user’s desktop because it belongs to them.

QuickBooks Hosting Service takes away the fear of a system failure and computer crashing when users require to access their data from anywhere and anytime. Several organization businesses and individuals may choose to use QuickBooks Hosting to grow their profitability to the next level. And moreover, if you face any kind of issue related to QuickBooks, then Quickbooks Support Phone Number can provide you instant help and support within no time. QuickBooks works on the server and all users business files are in one place. The best part is using QuickBooks cloud hosting is that Multiple users can then use QuickBooks at the same time and access their company file from anywhere and anytime, from any Corner of the world with the assistance of Internet.

Using Quickbooks, the users can get the preferred edition and version of Quickbooks Hosted on cloud. With QuickBooks any data from the existing desktop applications can be simply transferred to the distant or remote hosted server. There are some significant features of Quickbooks cloud hosting:
QuickBooks Cloud Hosting includes features as follows:
  • It is a dedicated hosting for secure usage.
  • It offers secure setup on terminal servers.
  • It offers complete data backup and assured disaster recovery.
  • It offers hassle-free working environment to work from anywhere 24/7.
  • It offers automatic upgrades of the QuickBooks software.
  • It offers better management.
QuickBooks Customer Care Phone Number help users to run almost any version/edition of QuickBooks on its high speed terminals, servers and moreover, if a user gets stuck or face any kind of unexpected error or issue then help is available 24/7. This sound great, instead of installing different QuickBooks software on local desktops, all of them can be run by hosting QuickBooks cloud services.
Major Concern:

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting requires the following conditions to be met before it can allow access to company data files:

Windows File permissions: The client should have permissions set to Full control, which consists of permission to open, look at, and modify the data file.

QuickBooks User login: It’s mandatory to have a QuickBooks user login and password in order to get access.

Database Server mode: The database server can effectively open the company data file.
Once these above mentioned conditions are met, clients can access the company data files without any problem.

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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

QuickBooks is A Powerful Tool for Your Financial Farm Reporting and Managing Needs

An integral part of managing a farm operation or a business of any type is making sure the financial software being used best fits your needs. There are many options available in today’s marketplace, Peachtree and Xero are two we see often and are proficient in here at Holbrook & Manter, CPAs, but Intuit QuickBooks still remains one of the most heavily used programs. This month, we take a look at this particular accounting software and its many offerings and benefits.

QuickBooks has various editions available to best suit the needs of your type of business. Features are tailored with terminology familiar to your industry. During QuickBooks setup, by selecting the Agriculture, Ranching or Farming industry, it will create a preset Chart of Accounts that provides a set of income and expense accounts that match the Schedule F filed on your tax return. With QuickBooks you can process payroll, manage accounts payable, produce customer billing, track inventory, and perform many other functions needed on a daily basis. The General Ledger is fully integrated, allowing instant updating without batch posting the daily transactions.

Managing cash flow can be a cumbersome task. QuickBooks integrates with your financial institutions to provide bank feeds, which eliminates additional data entry. This feature also makes reconciling bank accounts much easier.

Reporting is also a key feature in QuickBooks. Reports can be run based on classes within your business allowing you to review and analyze key sectors to make better decisions. For example, many farmers use classes to track income and expenses by crop segment or by rental properties. When viewing reports in QuickBooks, most areas will allow for a “drill down,” this allows you to see various details of the transactions. Exporting data to Excel can further enhance the reporting capabilities in QuickBooks.

Tracking the value of fixed assets as they decline over time can be difficult. Thankfully, QuickBooks has a fixed asset tracker that can help to simplify the process. The fixed asset manager can record the purchase date and price of the asset, whether it is new or used and the sale price if you decide to sell it. You can select from six depreciation bases and view projected depreciation calculations. This can be a valuable tool to help with year-end tax planning and to make decisions on purchasing new farm equipment. Reports are available to view the fixed asset listing.

QuickBooks allows you to send the complete data file to your accountant for assistance with month-end and year-end closings. While your accountant is reviewing the data and making adjusting entries you can continue to work in the current period. The adjusting entries are then returned to you for importing and updating with virtually no interruption in daily activity. Data files can also be saved as of a specific point in time for use in audits, business review, etc.

QuickBooks also offers an online product which provides many of the same features of the desktop versions. A great benefit of working online allows access to your financial data anytime, anywhere with proper security. You can also be sure your data is protected without worrying about backing it up — it is on the cloud which also eliminates the costly maintenance of an on-site file server. And, software upgrades are automatically installed.

QuickBooks Online syncs with a wide variety of third party apps-approved by Intuit, which offers further security. The apps can allow non-financial users to track time, provide quotes, and manage projects without accessing the company’s confidential financial records. You can also process payroll on the go by using the mobile app, including e-pay and e-file options to meet filing deadlines. This also allows your accountant easy access to your data, without needing to transfer data files.

Although there are many benefits to the online version, it does not offer all the same features of the Desktop editions. Some functions of the Desktop editions that are not part of the online version include producing a balance sheet by class, and preparing budgets and forecasts. The online product includes some inventory capabilities, but they are not as robust as the desktop versions; also the ability to convert estimates to purchase orders or sales orders is not available.

Holbrook & Manter can guide you in choosing the best solution for your business. In fact, our team is made up of QuickBooks Professional Advisors who are certified through Intuit each year. We can help with implementation and on-going training, not only with QuickBooks- whatever your preferred software, we can be of assistance.

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Friday, 9 October 2015

Intuit QuickBooks for Freelancers and Self-Employed

Online accounting software provider Intuit QuickBooks has launched a new service in the UK targeted at helping freelancers and independent contractors

Set to make it easier for the self-employed to manage finances and prepare for self-assessment, the QuickBooks Self-Employed service offers features such as tax summary report to simplify tax year end, the ability to import bank and credit card transactions and allows users to separate out their personal and business expenses.

Intuit intends for the service to “help millions of self employed people tap into the sharing economy”; a trend it says is responsible for the growing number self-employed in the UK (now at almost five million). Rich Preece, Europe VP and managing director, explained:

“There’s a boom in self-employed workers in the UK and it is being driven by the sharing economy. Always-on connectivity and the proliferation of smartphones and tablets are helping people open shops on Etsy, sell a skill locally on Task Rabbit or become a driver on Uber. It’s creating a host of income opportunities.

“However this also throws up serious challenges. Established businesses tend to handle salary, pension and tax out of sight. But for the self-employed, how do you pay tax, when and how much? How do you separate your personal and professional finances that are in the same account? QuickBooks Self-Employed removes these potential roadblocks enabling the rapidly expanding new class of worker.” You can download QuickBooks for Freelance & Self-Employed here.

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Monday, 5 October 2015

QuickBooks Accounting Software Update - September 2015

Invoices and estimates

Add subtotals on invoices and estimates1. Easily add multiple subtotal rows anywhere in the itemized grid. Just click the row above where you want the Subtotal to go, and then click the Add subtotal button. You can delete and move Subtotal rows and QuickBooks automatically recalculates everything for you! Create (+) > Invoice/Estimate > Add subtotal.

Bank feeds

Re-order bank accounts on the home page and Banking page. This is especially helpful when you have a lot of accounts connected. Order them by most used first, or alphabetically, or whatever works best for your business! On the home page, 1) click the pencil to the right of Bank accounts, 2) drag accounts up or down in the order you want, and then 3) click Save. Any changes you make affect both the home page and Banking page.

Replace the Description column with the Bank Detail column. QuickBooks cleans up bank transaction details with a simpler 1. Description column, but if you like, you can change to the 2. full description from the bank. Transactions > Banking > table gear > 3. Show bank details.

“Copy bank detail to memo”turned on by default. This is useful when viewing bank transactions in reports or the register. If you don’t like it, though, you can turn it off. Transactions > Banking > table gear > 4. Copy bank detail to memo.

Customers and vendors

Search for customers and vendors by phone number. You can now enter a phone number on the Customers or Vendors page 5. Search field to find someone by phone number.

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  1. When you add a subtotal row this way, it overrides the Gear > Custom Form Styles > Edit > Activity Table > Group activity by and Subtotal groups settings.
  2. QuickBooks finds phone numbers that you enter in the customer Phone field only (not the Mobile field).
  3. To try these updates using sample data, check out the QuickBooks test drive.
  4. Missed any recent QuickBooks Online updates? See our updates archive.

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