Monday, 5 October 2015

QuickBooks Accounting Software Update - September 2015

Invoices and estimates

Add subtotals on invoices and estimates1. Easily add multiple subtotal rows anywhere in the itemized grid. Just click the row above where you want the Subtotal to go, and then click the Add subtotal button. You can delete and move Subtotal rows and QuickBooks automatically recalculates everything for you! Create (+) > Invoice/Estimate > Add subtotal.

Bank feeds

Re-order bank accounts on the home page and Banking page. This is especially helpful when you have a lot of accounts connected. Order them by most used first, or alphabetically, or whatever works best for your business! On the home page, 1) click the pencil to the right of Bank accounts, 2) drag accounts up or down in the order you want, and then 3) click Save. Any changes you make affect both the home page and Banking page.

Replace the Description column with the Bank Detail column. QuickBooks cleans up bank transaction details with a simpler 1. Description column, but if you like, you can change to the 2. full description from the bank. Transactions > Banking > table gear > 3. Show bank details.

“Copy bank detail to memo”turned on by default. This is useful when viewing bank transactions in reports or the register. If you don’t like it, though, you can turn it off. Transactions > Banking > table gear > 4. Copy bank detail to memo.

Customers and vendors

Search for customers and vendors by phone number. You can now enter a phone number on the Customers or Vendors page 5. Search field to find someone by phone number.

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  1. When you add a subtotal row this way, it overrides the Gear > Custom Form Styles > Edit > Activity Table > Group activity by and Subtotal groups settings.
  2. QuickBooks finds phone numbers that you enter in the customer Phone field only (not the Mobile field).
  3. To try these updates using sample data, check out the QuickBooks test drive.
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